How is the LSB different from the NASB ’95?

While the Legacy Standard Bible sought to uphold the NASB 95, it has several key distinctions:

  • The recovery of God’s name, Yahweh in the OT, and slave for the Greek term doulos in the NT.
  • The change of certain words and phrases in order to ensure that English words consistently matched their original language counterparts, and that the phrasing matched the grammar of the original language.
  • The usage of weights, measurements, and currency as they’re found in the original writing. Because this translation is designed to bring the reader to what was originally written, the LSB maintains the unit of measurement that the Scripture uses. For clarity, conversions into both American and metric units are provided in the notes for measurements. This allows for the LSB to serve the entire English-speaking world by not choosing one country’s unit of measurement or currency over another. It also preserves any exegetical significance of the way the measurements were originally expressed.