Why does the LSB capitalize Old Testament quotations in the New Testament?

Like any translation, the LSB is a tool for Bible study. It specifically desires to be a window into the original language and provide in English what a scholar or pastor would see reading a Hebrew or Greek Bible. For this reason, and as most of the editions of the Greek New Testament today indicate Old Testament quotations, so the LSB follows the tradition of the NASB in doing likewise. When a NT author clearly quotes an OT verse, it is formatted in all caps. Fundamentally, this helps the reader immediately see that part of the OT is being quoted or incorporated into the NT. This shows the unity of Scripture and is a helpful study tool so that one is alerted to important cross references, some that an English reader may overlook. It secondarily serves as a helpful way to find references quickly as the change of typography can help us locate where a certain passage is quoted with greater ease. The LSB double checked and expanded the references of the NASB in honor of this practice.